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What can I say about this to that you can see when you meet them. They are to two happiest couple you will meet.  Fun, loving, & “childish” but only in the sense that we are both still kids at heart.   Katlen has been planning this for over a year.   Their love story started back in high school they were just friends and became best friends as the years when on through High School. “It wasn’t until our freshmen year of college that we started liking each other.” Katelyn.   Who would've known that when that 1st date at The Oasis in on traves lake in TX. Would be the last 1st date.


How you got engaged? “He proposed in Rhode Island the weekend of his graduation from Officer Candidate School.  We went to a pre-graduation dinner. He and his parents were both acting super weird, so I knew something was up, but I wasn’t quite sure yet. We rushed out of his dinner as the sun was setting. We drove past the hotel we were staying at and I really knew something was going on. His dad took us to this beautiful spot that overlooked the water and then I saw my parents standing under a gazebo. Daniel began saying how every day before “chow” he would look out to this spot, and this is where he pictured asking me to spend the rest of our lives together. The rest was history from there :)” - Katelyn.


The Bride & Groom:  Daniel graduated from Texas A&M University with a Petroleum Engineering degree and is now currently serving in the United States Navy. Katelyn just graduated with her Masters in Accountancy and is studying for the CPA exams. She has passed three and will take the other after the wedding.

Wedding day:  Daniel Ochsner and Katelyn Nyland pick a beautiful garden wedding location at the Hummingbird House in Austin TX   5 1/2 lush tropical acres with magnificent landscape lighting. There colors Buch, White, pink, roses gold, and Navy.  All the flowers were done by Zuzu’s Petals Katelyn choose white stock flowers, "quicksand" roses, white veronica, "patience" garden roses, white dahlias, "strawberry milkshake" lisianthus, and white ranunculus in her bouquet.

Katelyn decided to do a first look with her dad at the last minute and is we heartfelt.

There out the day of the wedding, the song “I am 16 going on 17” from the sound of music kept doing through my head. Maybe it was because of the jasmine covered gazebo or that he was in dress whites.  Or that they have been friends when they were 16 & 17 but either way it was a magical time. At the end of the night, they existed with sparklers and go into a TX big limo.

OchsnerWeddingb-132OchsnerWeddingb-132 OchsnerWedding-A-14OchsnerWedding-A-14 OchsnerWedding-A-151OchsnerWedding-A-151

OchsnerWedding-A-87OchsnerWedding-A-87 OchsnerWedding-A-20OchsnerWedding-A-20 OchsnerWedding-A-101OchsnerWedding-A-101Dad's 1st look OchsnerWedding-A-103OchsnerWedding-A-103Dad's 1st look OchsnerWedding-A-106OchsnerWedding-A-106Dad's 1st look OchsnerWedding-A-112OchsnerWedding-A-112 OchsnerWedding-A-113OchsnerWedding-A-113 OchsnerWedding-A-243OchsnerWedding-A-243 OchsnerWedding-A-244OchsnerWedding-A-244 OchsnerWedding-A-258OchsnerWedding-A-258 OchsnerWedding-A-268OchsnerWedding-A-268 OchsnerWedding-A-277OchsnerWedding-A-277 OchsnerWedding-A-295OchsnerWedding-A-295 OchsnerWedding-A-297OchsnerWedding-A-297 OchsnerWedding-A-395OchsnerWedding-A-395 OchsnerWedding-A-413OchsnerWedding-A-413 OchsnerWedding-A-406OchsnerWedding-A-406 OchsnerWedding-A-424OchsnerWedding-A-424 OchsnerWeddingb-45OchsnerWeddingb-45 OchsnerWeddingb-138OchsnerWeddingb-138 OchsnerWeddingb-44OchsnerWeddingb-44 OchsnerWeddingb-43OchsnerWeddingb-43 OchsnerWedding-A-426OchsnerWedding-A-426 OchsnerWedding-A-524OchsnerWedding-A-524 OchsnerWedding-A-528OchsnerWedding-A-528 OchsnerWedding-A-622OchsnerWedding-A-622 OchsnerWedding-A-627OchsnerWedding-A-627 OchsnerWedding-A-630OchsnerWedding-A-630 OchsnerWedding-A-649OchsnerWedding-A-649 OchsnerWedding-A-782OchsnerWedding-A-782 OchsnerWedding-A-788OchsnerWedding-A-788




Strawberry cake Pennington’s Cakes

Doughnut  wall Round rock doughnuts  World Famous Glazed or Chocolate Covered Round Rock Donut

Food: Maudie’s Tex-Mex : Appetizers: Chips & CHILE CON QUESO savory blend of cheese and chile Dinner:  FAJITAS chicken & beef, Grilled With Onions, Tomatoes, Serrano Peppers, Yellow & Green Bell Peppers Served With Rice And Beans, Guacamole, Cheese, Sour Cream, And Pico De Gallo

DJ Toast Entertainment

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ROSE GOLD AND DONUTS | Davidson Wedding

Kristi and Joel are a very sweet loving couple. During our meeting, I asked them where was there the first date. The first date was at the local Starbucks. “He had me at LATTE!” said Kristi.  Both Kristi and Joel work at the police department. Kristi is a dispatcher and Joel is an officer. Who would’ve known that the love your life was at work? You may have talked to him every single day and did not know it. Even though they work in the same place they don’t get to see each because she is in the office helping others and directing law-enforcement to go help those in need.  


Wedding Day:  When I arrived at the venue it was absolutely breathtaking.

Kristi filled the reception hall with pink, rose gold, and Ruby colors and sparkly twinkly things anywhere they would fit. SPARKLE, Sparkle, sparkle!  Joel and Kristi’s dog Ruby could not make it to the wedding. So every tabletop had an adorable picture of their pug Ruby. In all of her outfits. I got the pleasure of meeting the Ruby of the hour at the engagement session we did in June. Such a sweety.


Kristi was getting ready in the Corpus Christi suite her and her bridesmaids fill the room with laughter. Before we walked out the door Kristi had to put on some perfume. “I need to be Viva La JUICY!”  Kristi said. As a plume of perfume covered her. Giggles….


One of the highlights of the reception was the Starbucks and donut bar. They had them custom-made that morning so they smelled amazing with the coffee. Until I left that evening, I don’t think anyone ate the tie-dyed doughnut because it was the prettiest doughnut. Every time I see this photo of donuts I get very hungry.  Mmm…. I’ve never seen such beautiful donuts in my life.


While everyone was eating dinner and watching the sunset Kristi and Joel were able to sneak away and have a moment and watch the sunset…. “Love you a Latte!” wipers felled the air.



SP-28SP-28 SP-3SP-3 SP-7SP-7 SP-6SP-6




Vintage Villas - Hotel and Events

 Arbor + The Travis Room 


#VivaLaJUICY #LoveYouALatte #HeHadMeAtLATTE #SPARKLEwedding #ROSE-GOLD-wedding  #DONUTS #Ruby #policeWedding #VintageVillasTX #StarbucksDate #latteLOVE

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3, 2, 1 "I DO" ! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S | Stacy and Justin‘s New Year's Eve wedding  



New Year’s Eve wedding are always fun and the party goes on all night long.

There’s something about New Year’s eve night that is magical in its own way. But when you are also celebrating someone’s wedding it becomes more than just counting down till midnight. About celebrating a new life together and it feels like the party never ends. The celebration goes on the cheers and good wishes fill the air and not only for the bride and groom for everybody happiness, love, it doesn’t feel like goodbye it feels more of a hello.

As we celebrated the new year and welcoming Stacy and Justin to a new beginning and 2018 snow fell from the sky as if they were being blessed. Not everyone gets to have a snow exit. The magical moments just kept happening for these two.  




Behind the Scenes 

I Arrived in Austin a day early and I was hoping for good weather for the wedding day. As wedding day approached I was happy it wasn’t going to rain but there was a high possibility that it would snow. The day prior to the wedding it was overcast all day and 38° was the high. Wedding day that I was 35° with Wind gust making it feel like it was 30°. Still very overcast. So Plan B sprung into action. Trying to get as many outdoor location shots as possible. We had to move inside. The coordinators at Memory Lane did a beautiful job setting up the ceremony site. Adding twinkly lights to the inside of the venue and having drapery fabrics. That would’ve been at the arbor outside. The aisle was covered with white rose petals and candles. Setting the scene for a very romantic ceremony. All the table toppers were New Year’s eve themed with clock set for midnight. The room sparkled with silver and accents of plum purple.

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Big Hair & Barefoot Bride | Shawna & Kenny Wedding

sneakpeek-22sneakpeek-22 sneakpeek-1sneakpeek-1 sneakpeek-27sneakpeek-27 sneakpeek-36sneakpeek-36 sneakpeek-39sneakpeek-39 sneakpeek-45sneakpeek-45 sneakpeek-49sneakpeek-49 sneakpeek-56sneakpeek-56 sneakpeek-60sneakpeek-60 sneakpeek-88sneakpeek-88


Venue: The Addison Grove

Caterer: Slab BBQ & Beer LLC.

DJ: Austin Classic DJ

Cake: Central Market Westgate Bakery

Flowers: HEB

Wedding Dress: Alexia Gavela Bridal

Coordinator: Love gush events

Hair: Special Day Beauty

Makeup: Molle Makeup

Rentals: Whim Hospitality & Bee Lavish Rentals

Photography by Brubaker Portraits




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Mohawk and Music | Maughmer ii Wedding

Cypress Falls Event Center

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Texas Sunflower and Blue | Fiebrich Wedding

BIG Texas Sunflower and Blue Wedding.

aFiebrichSP-2aFiebrichSP-2 aFiebrichSP-7aFiebrichSP-7 aFiebrichSP-9aFiebrichSP-9 aFiebrichSP-13aFiebrichSP-13 aFiebrichSP-29aFiebrichSP-29 aFiebrichSP-38aFiebrichSP-38 aFiebrichSP-63aFiebrichSP-63 aFiebrichSP-70aFiebrichSP-70 aFiebrichSP-81aFiebrichSP-81 aFiebrichSP-87aFiebrichSP-87 aFiebrichSP-90aFiebrichSP-90 aFiebrichSP-112aFiebrichSP-112

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Making it on the cover I are so excited to be on the cover of the Texas wedding guide magazine. This issue was their very first issue as a 8.5x11 full-size magazine, and it's their 30th anniversary helping brides find vendors for their dream wedding. 

Being on the cover has been a long time goal of mine ever since I started Photography. Even though I've been published in multiple magazines, there's no feeling like getting the phone call saying that one of your photos was selected to go on the cover. Eeeek! Excitement, heart racing, tears.  The first two people I called when I found out were my grandmother, who introduced me to the world of for photography, and my mom, who has always been supportive no matter what emotional state I was in, and who always pinned all of my art to the refrigerator. Mom is going to need some strong magnets to put the magazine on the refrigerator! 

Every time I send my work to others for magazine content I hold my breath when I get a copy in the mail wondering what photos were selected, and where they lie within the magazine. Did they pick my top favorites? The tension of waiting can sometimes be unbearable! Yet I find myself are resubmitting every time. 

So happy!


Cover me1st CoverScreenshot






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Engagement Portraits Session Image at Your Wedding!

Engagement Portraits Session Image at Your Wedding!

Your Happily Ever After Has Begun

Congratulations on planning your future together! Your wedding day will be full of perfect
moments and a thousand memorable details. Don’t leave those memories behind; start
a beautiful collection of custom art that tells your story and lasts a lifetime. Show your
unique personality as a couple and surround yourselves with memories of your special day.

11x14 wall portrait at gift table

A Family Heirloom That Starts With You

Your wedding album tells your unique love story in the most beautiful way possible. Savor every
emotion, from the groom’s first glimpse of the bride to the moment you say your I do’s. Capture
each stunning detail of the day in an elegant and timeless album. You’ll always treasure this
collection of memories, sharing the story with loved ones for years to come. With each turn
of the page, you get to experience the sweetest moments all over again, anytime you want.

Premium Album - Engagement 10x8

Tell Your Love Story

Capture a series of perfect moments in a way that’s absolutely stunning. Your
wedding album weaves together your love story through rich imagery and emotion.

Lay-flay Image book

Premium Album - Engagement 8x10 long


To Have and to Hold

Thousands of memories from one significant moment in time. Every nuance of
your wedding day, in your hands and with you forever. You really can have it all.

Premium Album - Wedding 5x7Long


Premium Album - Wedding 12x12 & 6x6

Premium Album - Wedding 8x8

Embrace The Bliss

Picture your ideal moments at home together as a married couple. Fill your living space to your
heart’s desire with expressions of your favorite moments. Displays of your love greet you each
day and welcome you home. Surround yourselves with what makes you happy, from wall
collages and stunning statement pieces to the nooks, shelves, and perfect little details. Embrace
the true beauty of wedded bliss in your own unique style. It’s your happily ever after, after all.

NEW! Metal Wall portrait 20x30

Your First Family Photos

Your engagement session is your chance to show the world who you are
as a couple. Beautiful custom art infuses style into your living space.

Wall portraits Engagement 16x20 & 20x40

New Wooden Wall Portrait 20x24

Premium Album - Engagement 7X5 tall

The Beauty of Adaptability

Experience your favorite moments every day, in a big way! A collage is so versatile; it shows
the big picture, bringing your story to life. You can rearrange over time as your story unfolds.

Engagement Wall colltion

Memories to Warm Your Hearts

From statement pieces to the little accents, memories of the day you say ‘I do’ fill your
home with love. Complement your living style with little moments from that day.

Framed Prints 5x5, 5x7w/mat, 8x10 white frame

Matted prints

Matted Print with Box 5x7

Framed 24x40 Wall Portrait

Love is in the Details

Fill your workspace or creative place with love and inspiration. Add fun reminders
of your newlywed status to the little details of your day-to-day work and play.

All The Essentials, All About You

Save the date announcements are a must! There’s no better way to spread the word
of your upcoming wedding date than with custom cards featuring your engagement
images, tailored specifically to your style. After the wedding, show your guests
gratitude with perfectly customized thank you cards. Send friends and family your first
holiday cards as a married couple, all wrapped up with stylish envelopes and labels.

Style That Says It All

Sparkle with foil, stand out with a unique shape. Show the world who you are with
cards that perfectly complement your images and reflect your style as a couple.

Let The Celebration Begin!

Engagement images bring expressions of your unique personalities into
your wedding decor, making unforgettable moments for your guests. Display
these images tabletop or mixed in with centerpieces. After the big day, they
make themselves perfectly at home with you in your new life together.


A customized wall piece for guests to sign keep their special messages in your
hearts forever. The ultimate wedding keepsake? A sign-in book of your engagement
images for your guests to admire while they declare their best wishes for you.

All the Little Details, One Big Day

Everything about this day is for you. Let your surroundings reflect
that, creating memorable experiences for your guests. Take in each
perfect moment with one another, surrounded by those you love.

Add images all over you recapion with matted 5x5 images

Gifts They’ll Cherish

Your wedding day has special meaning to your loved ones too.
Thank them for everything they’ve done with personalized photo
products that last a lifetime and remind them of your wedding day.


Thank you to family with a travel book  


Picture Perfect Moments Last Forever

Start your new life together surrounded by those defining moments that take
your breath away. Your perfect photo memories, preserved in exceptional quality,
offer a lifetime of happiness and joy. Don’t let your best moments get left on a
drive or in a drawer; enjoy them immediately and experience them every day.
Investing in your own custom art is a decision you’ll always be grateful you made.

Engagement Wall Collection 2


Contact us for a price list and book your session

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Texas Ranch Wedding | Navy Blue and Boots TK & Christine Wedding has been featured on




CTK-66CTK-66 CTK-95CTK-95 CTK-211CTK-211 CTK-305CTK-305 CTK-553CTK-553 CTK-531CTK-531 CTK-519CTK-519

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Photography Open House THIS DECEMBER! Photography Open House THIS DECEMBER!



Davenport-116 Davenport-116 Davenport-116

Come and be merry at Chateau on the Creek Dec. 14th at 5:30pm-7pm

We will be having day of special you will not want to miss!


WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US Chateau on the Creek a romantic wedding venue, is nestled in the seclusion of seven picturesque acres in historic Round Rock. Enter into the tranquility that only the Texas hill country can provide. Begin your life together with your ceremony in the gazebo under the canopy of century old oaks. Then you and your guests will stroll on the lawn in the serene ambiance created by bordering creeks as you celebrate this time with those who are special to you.


Vendor that will be there:​ ​​Open house​


Photography: Brubaker Portraits​ (open house specials)​

Cake: Custom Wedding Cakes by Kathy Hunt

Flowers: Fancy Florals

DJ and More!


RSVP in the ADD Comments or Call

Phone: (512) 593-1288


Location: Chateau on the Creek, Round Rock, Texas

2601 Sam Bass Rd, Round Rock, Texas 78681

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Fall Has Arrived SunsetSunset

Will fall has arrived! The perfect time to get engagement session with the colorful leaves.



Thursday Dec 15 at 4-5 pm

Friday Dec 16 at 4-5 pm


Sunday Dec 17 at 8 am, 9 pm, 10am  or 3pm, 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm

Saturday Dec 18 at 8 am-9 pm, 10am or 3pm, 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm



Contact us to book your engagement session

 Call 512-593-1288 or by email:


(Brubaker Portraits) ATX Austin BrubakerPortraits Portraits photography wedding weddingphotographer Thu, 01 Dec 2016 19:20:00 GMT
We Have a New LOGO Our New LOGOOur New LOGO


(Brubaker Portraits) Thu, 01 Dec 2016 00:40:27 GMT
Holiday Print Gift List

Holiday Gift List

Surprise loved ones near and far with happy moments and lasting memories.
Custom gifts starring your smiling faces will warm their hearts for years to come.


A classic holiday gift. Metal ornaments are lightweight, double-sided, and finished with a red
satin ribbon. Mini frame ornaments show your photo in the center and are finished with a natural
twine hanger. Ornaments are a wonderful way to commemorate special events from the year.

Mini Books

These miniature books unfold accordion-style to feature images on the front and back. They’re
small enough to take on-the-go in a purse or pocket. The covers are magnetic, so they can also
be displayed on the fridge. They’re a fun mini gift for everyone - the perfect stocking-stuffer!

Framed Photo Print

The perfect holiday gift go-to! A small frame with an easel back looks great on
display anywhere, and will never go out of style. Everyone enjoys receiving a framed
print featuring people they love. It’s a personal gift that will always be cherished.

Modern Metal

A small metal print with an easel back makes a fun display for any shelf, tabletop or
desktop. Metal prints are lightweight and slim, a modern alternative to a framed photo
print. They beautifully feature images that are bright, colorful, dramatic, and fun.

Wood Keepsake Box

Each box has its own natural wood grain pattern. Your favorite image is featured on the
lid, with optional engraving on the reverse side. Slide the lid off to reveal photos inside the
box. A truly one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones to store their most precious keepsakes.

Multi-Image Frame

A finished product ready to hang on the wall. Display more images in one frame with a
multi-opening mat. You can feature family members individually or tell a story through
a series of images. It’s the grand prize of gifts for parents, in-laws, and grandparents!

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What size wall portrait do I need?

24x36 does not seem so big, it look to be just right!


Most Popular Picture Sizes:

5×7" / 6x6"
A 5x7 picture is bast as a table top display or in a wall collage.
8×10" / 8.5x11" or 10x10"
This size are often used for table top displays, but are big enough to be used in wall display by it's self.  This size is bast as a gift print to a family member.
11x14" /  11x17"
11x14 allows for better wall display and Expands the look dimensions to a hall way or small wall. 
These dimensions are perfect for mid-sized image. It will take up more space than the other options
The classic masterpieces portrait size for one subject in the image. It  is use for images that are full body and have an interesting background. 
Wall portrait collage
Wall portrait collage or "groping" are a great way to have more of your favorite image from a session.
9 - 10x10 or  1 - 20x24", 4 - 11.5x11.5" images



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Austin Wildflowers Engagement-Shawna & Kenny Shawna and Kenny chooses to have the engagement session in a filed of wildflowers in North Austin TX.  This whimsical engagement session was perfect for the what they are planing for the wedding. Coordinator by Crystal with Love Gush Events.
Shawna & Kenny meet at a friend birthday portrait on 6st and have been together ever since.  They are both realtor here in Austin area. When photography them like they were the only ones in the filed. Their love for one another is so sweet. I could of photographed them all day.
(Brubaker Portraits) ATX Affordable Austin Brubaker Portraits, Portraits, engagement, photographer, photography, pictures, portrait, save-the-date, "Engagement Photos", " engagement session", engagement portraits" Engagemant Photos Wed, 29 Jun 2016 21:47:12 GMT
Open House at Carriage Hills Ranch

Open House at Carriage Hills Ranch
Sunday, July 17, 2016 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
125 Moore Lane Blanco, Texas 78606

Carriage Hills Ranch- Where Hill Country weddings are our passion. Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Blanco Texas is ideal for serene travels to and from the Austin, San Antonio, Fredericksburg and San Marcos area. We offer an unforgettable setting with picturesque views of all the beauty that Central Texas has to offer.

Come enjoy Carriage Hills Ranch beautiful wedding venue that features 10 acres of outdoor and indoor space, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Also, meet the fabulous vendors who will be participating in our event. We are so excited to have these wonderful professionals at this Open House. All you need for planning your special day will be under one roof, at our venue!

Brubaker Portraits | K&D Carriages | Lovin’ Sugar Cakes | Perfect Events Texas | Kristen Joy Photography
FG Filmhouse | Gilded Petals and A Gilded Affair | Creekside Cookers BBQ Catering | Wedding and Event Warriors
Best Western Plus Blanco Luxury Inn & Suites | Carta Travel Connection | Buggy Barn Museum | Heavenly Gourmet Events by Jackie | Trenda Joy with GGC Productions | Whim Event Rentals | Gypsy Girls Hair Studio

R.S.V.P. on our Facebook page to be entered in a drawing for $500 off any new booking at Carriage Hills Ranch. Valid for 2017 weddings. We look forward to seeing you then! Friends and family members are welcome – it will be so much fun! 

(Brubaker Portraits) ATX Affordable Austin Brubaker Portraits BrubakerPortraits EngagemantPhotos TX Vanue Wedding engagementpictures outside photographer photography wedding Mon, 20 Jun 2016 22:35:11 GMT
Open House Party at Chateau on the Creek Wednesday, May 11 at 5 PM - 7 PM

Chateau on the Creek is a romantic wedding venue, is nestled in the seclusion of seven picturesque acres in historic Round Rock. Enter into the tranquility that only the Texas hill country can provide. Begin your life together with your ceremony in the gazebo under the canopy of century old oaks. Then you and your guests will stroll on the lawn in the serene ambiance created by bordering creeks as you celebrate this time with those who are special to you.


Vendor that will be there:

Catering: Chateau on the Creek
Photography: Brubaker Portraits
Cakes: Custom Wedding Cakes by Kathy Hunt
Floral: Fancy Florals
DJ: Best DJ's Texas and More!

Wedding PhotographyWedding PhotographyBrubaker Portrait wedding photographic style is artistic, lifestyle, editorial, and documentary photography. We are there to capture every moment of your wedding day. weddingweddingBrubaker Portrait wedding photographic style is artistic, lifestyle, editorial, and documentary photography. We are there to capture every moment of your wedding day. wedding Photography - 1st Lookwedding Photography - 1st LookBrubaker Portrait wedding photographic style is artistic, lifestyle, editorial, and documentary photography. We are there to capture every moment of your wedding day.

(Brubaker Portraits) ATX Austin BrubakerPortraits Portraits photography wedding wedding Vanue weddingphotographer Mon, 02 May 2016 17:13:43 GMT
Why Engagement photos?  

Ring ShootRing ShootBrubaker Portrait wedding photographic style is artistic, lifestyle, editorial, and documentary photography. We are there to capture every moment of your wedding day.


Engagement sessions can be done at any time no matter how long or little time you've been engaged. Engagement sessions usually last an hour to an hour and a half. It's best if you have a location in mind; for instance, like where your first date was, a favorite park, where your fiancé proposed, or just where ever you feel the love. Any of those make a great location for an engagement session, but if you're drawing a blank on where to go Brubaker Portraits has several pre-selected locations. Our locations are the 360 Overlook , Austin Skyline, Austin TX SoCo, Texas Hill Country, and a few different wineries. 

Now if you're asking yourself "why are engagements session so important?" There is two reasons. First is so you get to know your photographer better. The other is so that you could have images of you and your fiancé in a relaxed setting without the hustle and bustle of your wedding.

The photos from the session have a few wonderful options as well. For example, imagine a professional portrait of you and your fiancé on the wall which you can look at for many years from that time before you were married. Adding a 16 x 20 hanging picture in your home or apartment is always nice to have, or to give to your family. Another idea some of our brides have is a fun album made from the engagement session photos, and using it as a guest book at their wedding, engagement party, or just to have on the coffee table to look through. In fact, I've had some of my couples make thank you cards for guests and family after the wedding. 

Finally, don't forget about "Save the Date" cards. These modern type of cards are sent out as early notifications announcing your engagement, with slightly less formal feel than wedding invitation, but all of the important information your guests need, like wedding venue, date, websites or hashtags for your wedding. "Save the Date" cards serve as an extra alert to friends and family.

Below are just a few ideas for you! 





Full EngagementFull EngagementEngagement Session

EngagementEngagementEngagement Session

EngagementEngagementEngagement Session


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Gorgeous Top Designer Wedding Gowns in N. Austin / Cedar Park, TX.
Every now and then I come across something new and exciting that I can't help but share with you.
Recently, I went to an open house at Amour Bridal! They are a new bridal boutique in the northwest Austin area, otherwise known as Cedar Park, offering quality gowns and accessories. 


Amour Bridal

601 E. Whitestone Blvd.

Suite 408

Cedar Park, TX 78613



Amour Bridal has got it covered with bridesmaids' dresses, flower girl dresses, and tuxedo rentals; so it can be a one stop shop for the bridal party to get everything needed for that special day!
Owner Kristen, goes above and beyond giving superior customer service and a great experience while trying on wedding dresses. She is currently carrying several top designers in the industry, with a broad range of styles and price points to suite any bride’s budget. Kristen stocks her shop with designer wedding gowns like David TutaraSophia Tolli, Blue Willow Brides, and Kristina Rossi, just to name a few. 
If you have not said "YES TO THE DRESS!" yet, Amour Bridal might just have what you're looking for. 
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Stephanie and Eric's engagement shoot Bill "my assistant" and I went down to SoCo very early Sunday morning to photograph Stephanie and Eric's engagement session. The sun was just awaking and the neighborhood was rising up and going to the local coffee spot. Joe's Café or more famously known as the "love you so much" wall art.

This was the first time I met Stephanie, though previously we exchanged lots of email. I actually met Eric first. He was so sweet, explaining how hard Stephanie works and how much he appreciates everything she does for him before he signed the contract.

Eric was dressed in his military dress uniform and Stephanie wore a pretty royal blue dress so they matched. Stephanie personalized her outfit with a stunning pair of red pointed to high heels. Stephanie is so happy to marry in October she's like a bottle of champagne overflowing with joy. Being around Stephanie and Eric, there is no doubt about the love and happiness they have for one another.

After we finished photographing in front of the "love you so much” wall art. We worked our way down south Congress, taking a break alongside San Jose hotel. The green vines that cover the wall along the hotel really cast a luscious look to the photographs. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe is where Stephanie and Eric are getting married. Stephanie told me about a photograph in front of the church her family has of her and her parents when she was a child; she wanted to duplicate the image, so we found an opening in the fence and re-created a similar moment.

Save the DateSave the Date Save the DateSave the Date Save the DateSave the Date Save the DateSave the Date Save the DateSave the Date
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