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Mr.Buddy's painted portrait

It was one of those days where nothing was going on and buddy just needed some one on one attention. After playing for a while with ribbon decided take a break on the bed. Accordance with the light hitting him the way did I could not read this but to grab my camera and take a picture which then turned into a long photo shoot of how many shots gonna take the cat before he gets mad at me and said up. He slowly learning that taking photographs of him at his adorable stages is not going to stop. 

Going through all the photos and enjoying looking at how cute he can be. I picked this one to play with them Photoshop. A few things I noticed before I started the editing process was his right I was a little dark and you could not see The green in his eye so I simply just copied and flipped the left die and placed it on the right-hand side. After that I was trying to think of ways to edit the photo and lots of options came about but my favorite one was just go ahead and paint the whole thing. Two days later I finally finished buddies Image.


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