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Mikeshia Ruiz

A few days ago I got to figure this unique lady Mikeshia. I met her at Starbucks here in Austin. when I saw her I can for my card and simply said that "I'm a portrait photographer and I would really enjoy photographing you" several emails later she came to my studio and we had a wonderful time taking pictures. She brought her two friends one was a makeup artist name Sunshine. 

Mikeshia was really excited when I brought out the light pink peonies flower hair clip that I made. She saw the one of Becca's which was red peonies and she couldn't wait to put the flowers in her hair for her unique flower portrait.
The post processing of this photo shoot is turning out to be really fun I've been playing with a couple new techniques and I'm really liking the results with her photo shoot. I decided to make her a banner style photo. When I was finished it turned out to be 18" x 33" so needless to say I need to resize it but at least we'll have a really nice photo to put on her banner on Facebook.


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