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Brides Preparing for Bridal Expo in 5 steps

Congratulations! You’re engaged, now where do you go from here? Bridal expos /  Bridal Extravaganza and open houses are very good ways to find out what you want for your wedding. Both are similar in purpose, though different in size, and are similar in how they are laid out, with many vendors in booths along rows.


Here are five steps to help you find what you want. 
1) Have a plan to move around the expo floor. If you just run around without a plan, it ends up feeling like a lab rat in a maze. You can zigzag in parallel to the vendor rows, starting from the left or right, and plan for breaks to talk over what you’ve found so far.
2) Make a priority list of what you need. Lists usually include: venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, dress, food, cake, flowers, limo, and fun entertainment or performances.
3) Set a date. Setting a date is hard enough to pick by itself, but what are you going to do if your favorite venue is booked? Have two or three options for dates you would like to get married on and work from there.
Note: The more time spent on the wedding day, the faster vendors book up!
4) Book at the show. Most vendors are ready to book your wedding that day. If you're just getting information, let them know and ask for info to take home or have them email it to you. Most brides make address labels with their information on it name ,wedding date, address,  phone number, and email.
5) After the show, you have lots of info and brochures to look over, and hopefully you have now whittled down the your choices to three potential vendors per category needed for those you haven’t already booked. Contact the vendors and schedule a meeting with them. It is important during your meeting to let them know your wedding date and your price range. If you’re still not sure about your wedding date, remember to have a two or three date options, and tell the vendor those. Be honest about your price range, but be suspicious of vendors who do not have openly listed and immediately available prices. Nothing is more discouraging to you and your vendor when you find out that your favorite vendor doesn't have your wedding date available or they're out of your price range. 
By following these steps you should have a fun experience at a show or open house, and  remember to relax and have fun planning your big day. Let the professionals help you have a fabulous wedding day. 

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