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Making it on the cover

I are so excited to be on the cover of the Texas wedding guide magazine. This issue was their very first issue as a 8.5x11 full-size magazine, and it's their 30th anniversary helping brides find vendors for their dream wedding. 

Being on the cover has been a long time goal of mine ever since I started Photography. Even though I've been published in multiple magazines, there's no feeling like getting the phone call saying that one of your photos was selected to go on the cover. Eeeek! Excitement, heart racing, tears.  The first two people I called when I found out were my grandmother, who introduced me to the world of for photography, and my mom, who has always been supportive no matter what emotional state I was in, and who always pinned all of my art to the refrigerator. Mom is going to need some strong magnets to put the magazine on the refrigerator! 

Every time I send my work to others for magazine content I hold my breath when I get a copy in the mail wondering what photos were selected, and where they lie within the magazine. Did they pick my top favorites? The tension of waiting can sometimes be unbearable! Yet I find myself are resubmitting every time. 

So happy!


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