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3, 2, 1 "I DO" ! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S | Stacy and Justin‘s New Year's Eve wedding




New Year’s Eve wedding are always fun and the party goes on all night long.

There’s something about New Year’s eve night that is magical in its own way. But when you are also celebrating someone’s wedding it becomes more than just counting down till midnight. About celebrating a new life together and it feels like the party never ends. The celebration goes on the cheers and good wishes fill the air and not only for the bride and groom for everybody happiness, love, it doesn’t feel like goodbye it feels more of a hello.

As we celebrated the new year and welcoming Stacy and Justin to a new beginning and 2018 snow fell from the sky as if they were being blessed. Not everyone gets to have a snow exit. The magical moments just kept happening for these two.  




Behind the Scenes 

I Arrived in Austin a day early and I was hoping for good weather for the wedding day. As wedding day approached I was happy it wasn’t going to rain but there was a high possibility that it would snow. The day prior to the wedding it was overcast all day and 38° was the high. Wedding day that I was 35° with Wind gust making it feel like it was 30°. Still very overcast. So Plan B sprung into action. Trying to get as many outdoor location shots as possible. We had to move inside. The coordinators at Memory Lane did a beautiful job setting up the ceremony site. Adding twinkly lights to the inside of the venue and having drapery fabrics. That would’ve been at the arbor outside. The aisle was covered with white rose petals and candles. Setting the scene for a very romantic ceremony. All the table toppers were New Year’s eve themed with clock set for midnight. The room sparkled with silver and accents of plum purple.



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