I always feel awkward in front of the camera will you work with me?  Of cores! I know the feeling, so I will be talking to you throughout the session in and out of poes. If I for some reason I stop talking to you, it just means you are in the zoon and doing it right. If you start to hear me say AWESOME! a lot it just means you are blowing my mind and I'm lost for words.

How long have you been photographing? I’ve been photographing since 1998 using film. I went professional with working with a portrait studio in 2005, I didn’t start my own business in 2007 and switched over to digital.  

Do you do this full time? yes! I started work for my selfie full time back in 2007 wall going to college for my photo degree. being an entrepreneur just feet my life still.  pushing myself harder and harder, having a friendship with my clients and becoming their family photographer.

How many weddings have you done? more than I can count. I still get a butterfly or two on a wedding day. Every love story is different, and I am happy to be there on your special day.

Do you travel? Oh, my gosh yes! There is something about photography in a location that you feel loved, romantic, and free in. That makes me run to the chance to photography for my clients their dream location. From the white sand beaches of Florida, rustic countryside of Texas, to the red rock formation of Arizona. Just to name a few.    

Do you offer payment plans? of core! we do ask for a retainer up front to hold your date. then we come up with a payment plan that fits tour. Payment finales 30-14 days prior to the wedding day

What is the best way to pay you? credit card payments are preferable. We absolutely do not accept personal checks.

How many images will I receive? we do not put a limit on your images, but as many good ones come out. it’s between 400-600 images for full day weddings.

How quickly will I get the images? Proofs will be online in 6-8 business weeks.

You’re just what I’m looking for, how do I book you, what’s next? email me and get you booked to talk about your wedding!