On Comuyog's wedding day, it was a perfect fall day. Overcast guys cool temperatures and the leaves beginning to change. There's something about a fall wedding that makes you want to sit back and relax and snuggle up to someone you love. 

🏩 Comuyog's chose Messina Inn because they love the amount of trees that are around the property the creek that flows through you the back of the property where the ceremony was held. And as a bonus, they can fit all of their wedding attendance and immediate family there at the Inn. Messi in in wedding package is a whole weekend experience. With rehearsal dinner wedding day breakfast and accommodating the day you leave breakfast for a happy bon voyage to your honeymoon. 

Ayla had her bridal party wear burgundy wine-color dresses and black suits with burgundy accents. The groom or a stunning wine-colored suit with a creamy white boutonniere. The bride chose a stunning wedding dress with English roses embordered and sequenced. Her dress floated as she walked making for a romantic princess vibe. Custom converse shoes with a couple of Comuyog on the back of them. 

One thing that was super fun at this wedding was the couple picked out songs that their friends and family members knew so it turned into a karaoke on the Dancefloor with the lip-synching and bursting out in song. It was amazing to watching everyone feel free and relaxed. It makes you want to spend more time with their family and one can only wonder what Thanksgiving and Christmas is like at their house an absolute ball of fun. It doesn't matter if you can sing or not it's the complete joy of expressing your emotions and having fun. 

Ayla chose a variety of unique touches in her decor for the wedding. There were small details that made the reception was stunning. The floral arrangement that was on bride and groom table and bracket were absolutely beautiful. Everybody had assigned seating and they chose to have Parmesan encrusted chicken with roasted vegetables and cheesy mashed potatoes and the second dinner option was braised beef ribs that fell off the bone with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes.

🌸 It is a truly special moment with thire little girl Violet at the wedding. Flower girl Violet and the bride's mother helped her come down the aisle with sprinkling petals everywhere. She took her job very seriously and even continued to sprinkle flowers during the reception even though it came to compromise some of the floral arrangements. 

🍰 Let's talk about the wedding cake. This wedding cake was absolutely amazing. But I to detail of flavors that were in this cake. The cake had lemon zest and had filling of seekers raspberries with a Italian butter cream. This Italian buttercream was so soft and fluffy it is definitely worth it to ask your speaker to make this style for wedding cakes. The plus side to Italian buttercream is that with different outside elements from warm weather to high humidity it will not slide off the cake this was very important for this wedding because it was outside and the weather had high humidity.

As their photographer, I wanted to make sure to capture the beauty and essence of their story and the landscape of Messina Inn.

With all the bridesmaids getting ready in the bridal suite there was this amazing large sofa that worked perfectly for putting everybody on it with their getting ready robes. The bridal suite had so many large windows it made for amazing natural light pouring into the space. And then took all the bridesmaids outside after they got dressed to do portraits the outside foliage was stunning with pops yellows and orange of the seasons changing. Accented burgundy dresses. At the ceremony, I wanted to make sure to get a large cathedral shot to show off how beautiful the area was with the fall leaves. Messina Inn offers so many photography backgrounds it makes it so much fun to photograph there.

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📷 Kris B.

Wimberley, Texas Messina Inn
Fun, relaxed, elegant