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Kristi and Joel are a very sweet loving couple. During our meeting, I asked them where was there on the first date. The first date was at the local Starbucks. “He had me at LATTE!” said Kristi.  Both Kristi and Joel work at the police department. Kristi is a dispatcher and Joel is an officer. Who would’ve known that the love of your life was at work? You may have talked to him every single day and did not know it. Even though they work in the same place they don’t get to see each because she is in the office helping others and directing law enforcement to go help those in need.  

Wedding Day:  When I arrived at the venue it was absolutely breathtaking.

Kristi filled the reception hall with pink, rose gold, and Ruby colors and sparkly twinkly things anywhere they would fit. SPARKLE, Sparkle, sparkle!  Joel and Kristi’s dog Ruby could not make it to the wedding. So every tabletop had an adorable picture of their pug Ruby. In all of her outfits. I got the pleasure of meeting the Ruby of the hour at the engagement session we did in June. Such a sweety.

Kristi was getting ready in the Corpus Christi suite her and her bridesmaids fill the room with laughter. Before we walked out the door Kristi had to put on some perfume. “I need to be Viva La JUICY!”  Kristi said. As a plume of perfume covered her. Giggles….

One of the highlights of the reception was the Starbucks and donut bar. They had them custom-made that morning so they smelled amazing with the coffee. Until I left that evening, I don’t think anyone ate the tie-dyed doughnut because it was the prettiest doughnut. Every time I see this photo of donuts I get very hungry.  Mmm…. I’ve never seen such beautiful donuts in my life.

While everyone was eating dinner and watching the sunset Kristi and Joel were able to sneak away and have a moment and watch the sunset…. “Love you a Latte!” wipers felled the air.

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