What size wall portrait do I need?

24x36 does not seem so big, it looks to be just right!

Most Popular Picture Sizes:

5×7" / 6x6"A 5x7 picture is best as a tabletop display or in a wall collage.

8×10" / 8.5x11" or 10x10" These sizes are often used for tabletop displays but are big enough to be used in wall displays by themselves. This site is best as a gift print to a family member.

11x14" / 11x17" 11x14 allows for better wall display and Expands the look dimensions to a hallway or small wall.

16x20"These dimensions are perfect for mid-sized images. It will take up more space than the other options

24x36"The classic masterpieces portrait size for one subject in the image. It is used for images that are full-body and has an interesting background.

Wall portrait collage or "groping" is a great way to have more of your favorite image from a session.

2 - 11x11" 2-5x5" 1-11x5